Corte Suprema di Cassazione

A bronze sculpture tops this architecturally ornate home to the highest Italian court of appeals. The Corte Suprema di Cassazione, translated as the Supreme Court of Cassation, is the highest court of appeal in Italy. It is located in Rome and serves as the final court of appeal in both criminal and civil cases. The court is not responsible for re-evaluating the facts of a case but rather for interpreting and applying the law. The Supreme Court of Cassation has jurisdiction over all types of cases, including civil, criminal, administrative, and military cases. Its decisions are final and binding.

The term “cassation” refers to the court’s power to annul or set aside a previous court’s decision if it finds errors in the application of the law. The court does not reexamine the facts of a case but focuses on legal issues. The court is organized into various chambers, each specializing in specific areas of law. These include civil, criminal, administrative, and labor chambers. Each chamber is composed of a varying number of judges, depending on the complexity and significance of the cases.

Judges of the Supreme Court of Cassation are appointed by the President of the Republic of Italy based on proposals from the High Council of the Judiciary. The appointment process aims to ensure the independence and expertise of the judiciary. The Corte Suprema di Cassazione plays a crucial role in shaping legal precedent in Italy. Its decisions have a significant impact on the interpretation and application of the law throughout the country.

The court is housed in the historic Palace of Justice in Rome. Its role as the highest court in Italy gives it symbolic importance as a guardian of justice and the rule of law. The Supreme Court of Cassation is an essential institution in Italy’s legal system, providing a final avenue of appeal and contributing to the consistent application and development of Italian law.

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