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Komur Limanı Beach, Değirmendüzü Köyü, G

Great place to dive. You swim in many sea creatures. The sea is pretty clean. People come for amateu

Küçükanafarta Village, Eceabat, Canakkal

A small Turkish village the perfect place to experience the culture and hospitality of traditional W

Conk Bayiri Mehmetcik Park Aniti Kemalye

Çanakkale Kemal Yeri Monument: Located on the right side of the road between Conkbayırı - Kocadere V

Gokceada Island,  Imbros, Çanakkale, Tur

'Heavenly Island' is a spectacular Aegean outpost 11 nautical miles from the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Kefalos Beach, Eşelek Köyü,  Gökçeada, Ç

Kefalos is a popular beach lying 40 km west of Kos town. It is surrounded by a lots of greenery and