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British Embassy, Moscow, Russia

British Embassy Moscow maintains and develops relations between the UK and Russia.

River Cruises, Moscow, Russia

Snow-white motor ship is a modern variant of a meeting and rest with friends, relatives, colleagues at work.

Bagration Bridge, Moscow, Russia

Bagration Bridge is a bridge over the Moscow River in Moscow. It connects Tower 2000 to the main Moscow International Business Centre.

Moscow Cats, Theatre, Moskva, Russia

Moscow Cats Theatre is the only place on a planet where animals call not simply cats and dogs, and is proud call actors. They were given free rain as much as possible to show the creative abilities.

Museum-panorama The Battle of Borodino,

In the early 20th century Russia was preparing to celebrate the jubilee victory over Napoleon. In was decided to create a panorama about one of the events of 1812.

BMW Motorrad Russia, Moskva, Russia

They are highly motivated, had a really exhausting qualifier and are addicted to GS. Konstantin Zolotarev, Vasily Zhilinsky, Alexander Mishkinis are entrepreneurs and come from Moscow.

Railroad Museum of the Moscow Railway, M

The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Moscow Railway, vice-presidents of the Russian Railways, veterans of the railway transport, small employees of the children's railway, representatives of the All-Russian Society of Railway Lovers.

Space Conquerors Monument, Moskva, Russ

The Monument to the Conquerors of Space was erected in Moscow in 1964 to celebrate achievements of the Soviet people in space exploration.