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British Embassy D.R. Congo

The British Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo maintains and develops relations between the UK and DRC.

Pool Malebo, DRC

The Pool Malebo, formerly Stanley Pool, also known as Lake Nkunda by local indigenous people in pre-colonial times, is a lake-like widening in the lower reaches of the Congo River.

Mount Mangengenge, DRC

Mount Mangengenge is a mountain of the Democratic Republic of the Congo located southeast of Kinshasa, about ten kilometers south of the Ndjili International Airport.

Kinsasa, DRC

Formerly Zaire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in central Africa and has a small coastline.

Lola and Bonobo, DRC

Lola ya Bonobo is the world’s only organization to provide lifetime care to bonobos orphaned by the illegal trade in endangered wildlife.

Africa Parkaventure, DRC

Enjoy a wonderful experience in the renewed and innovating touristic park of “Africa Park Aventure”.

Lac Ma Vallée, DRC

Lac de Ma Vallée is a small artificial lake, roughly an hour and a half drive from the city.