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British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

The British Embassy in Japan maintains and develops relations between the UK and Japan

Kōkyo, Chiyoda, Japan

The Tokyo Imperial Palace (Kōkyo, literally "Imperial Residence") is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan.

Edo Castle Ruin, Chiyoda, Japan

Edo Castle, also known as Chiyoda Castle was first built in 1457 by Ota Dokan and parts of the castle area are now the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Central Railway Station Chiyoda, J

With over 3,000 trains zooming in and out each day, including the Shinkansen, chances are good you’ll be among the 400,000 daily visitors to Tokyo Central Railway Station.

Koiwai Farm,  Chiyoda-ku, Japan

Koiwai Farm is a private comprehensive farm located in Shizukuishi-chou, Iwate Prefecture.

TOKYO Samurai Kembu, Shintomicho, Japan

Kembu, literally meaning ‘Sword Dance’ an another name ‘Ginkenshibu’, is one of the Japanese traditional arts that uses the Japanese sword.

Ginza, Chuo, Japan

Ginza is a district of Chūō, Tokyo, located south of Yaesu and Kyōbashi, west of Tsukiji, east of Yūrakuchō and Uchisaiwaichō, and north of Shinbashi.

Henn na Robot Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

The world’s first hotel to be run by robots."Henn na Hotel " is a robot hotel which introduced advanced technology.