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British Embassy Angola

The British Embassy in Angola maintains and develops relations between the UK and Angola

Museum of the Armed Forces,  Luanda, Ang

The Museum of the Armed Forces is located in Fortaleza de São Miguel de Luanda, in Luanda, Angola.

Amélia Beach, Angola

Namibe offers its visitors beautiful beaches and interesting areas to practice sports, including scu

National Museum of Slavery,  Belas, Ango

The National Museum of Slavery is located in Morro da Cruz, Luanda, Angola.

Mussulo Peninsula, Angola

Mussulo is a peninsula located south of Luanda, Angola. It is part of the municipality of Belas, pro

Viewpoint of the Moon, Belas, Angola

The Moon Viewpoint is a set of cliffs 40 km south of Luanda, in the municipality of Samba in Angola.

Sangano Beach, Angola

Around 27 Kms south of Barra do Kwanza, you'll reach Sangano where you can enjoy Sangano beach, a pl

National Park of Kissama, Angola

Quiçama, or Kissama, National Park is on the west coast of Angola, in Southern Africa. The park cons