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Khwarezm 50 Fortresses, Uzbekistán

Visiting Khwarezm today, all that remains of many sites are the foundations of city walls and buildi

Dvorets Tash-Khauli, Khiva, Uzbekistán

The palace Tash-Khovli was built in the eastern part of the inner city. This complex of a building w

Allakuli Khan Caravanserai,  Jiva, Uzbek

The madrasa was built in the years 1834-1835 with money from Allakuli Khan, who at that time ruled i

Allakuli Khan Madrassah,  Jiva, Uzbekist

Madrassah of Allakuli Khan was built in the middle of the XIX century. It is considered the richest

Abdullah Khan Madrassah,  Jiva, Uzbekist

Shaybanid ruler Abdullah Khan II built the madrasa of Abdullah Khan in 1589-90, as a residential the

Itchan Kala Historic Site, UNESCO, Jiva,

Itchan Kala is the inner town protected by brick walls some 10 m high of the old Khiva oasis.

Juma Mosque, Jiva, Uzbekistán

Juma Mosque is interesting for the 218 wooden columns supporting its roof – a concept thought to be