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Kojomkul Museum and Memorial, Kyrgyzstan

This museum is dedicated to Kaba Uluu Kojomkul a man that exhibited such incredible strength that th

Ming-Kush, Kyrgyzstan

Min Kush, which means “a thousand birds” in Kyrgyz, was formally established in 1955 as an industria

Moldo Too Mountain Range, Kyrgyzstan

The Moldo Too is a range in the Internal Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan. It is mainly composed of limestones.

Too-Ashuu Pass, Kyrgyzstan

Töö Ashuu, literally "camel pass", is a mountain pass in Kyrgyzstan on the highway from Bishkek to O

Kyrgyzstan | Kazakhstan Border Crossing

Kyrgyzstan | Kazakhstan Border Crossing - Chaldybar | Нововоскресеновка 

Ushchel’ye Sokuluk, Kyrgyzstan

Sokuluk gorge is located just in 72 km from Bishkek, near the Ala-Archa gorge.