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Ndiael Faunal Reserve, Senegal

Situated in the Senegal River delta, the Djoudj Sanctuary is a wetland of 16,000 ha, comprising a la

Oiseaux de Djoudj National Park, Debi, S

The Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary lies on the southeast bank of the Senegal River in Senegal, in no

Senegal River, Senegal

The Senegal River is a 1,086 km long river in West Africa that forms the border between Senegal and

Saint-Louis Island, Senegal

Founded as a French colonial settlement in the 17th century, Saint-Louis was urbanised in the mid-19

Guet N’Dar, St Louis, Senegal

Guet N'Dar is a neighbourhood south of Saint-Louis totally turned towards the sea.

Parque Nacional de la Lengua de Barbaria

The Langue de Barbarie National Park is located at the mouth of the Senegal River, 25 km from Saint

Guembeul Natural Reserve, Senegal

Guembeul Natural Reserve is a natural reserve located about 10 km south of Saint-Louis, Senegal, in