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Sierra Leone | Guinee Border Crossing &#

At this crossing point, there are representatives from the Security, Customs, Phytosanitary, and Im

Dugout Canoeing on Moa and Mel River, Si

The Moa River is one of the major rivers in Sierra Leone. Moa is the best place for doing canoeing.

Kangari Hills Forest Reserve,  Sierra Le

Kangari Hills Forest Reserve is a non-hunting forest reserve in the centre of Sierra Leone.

Gola Rainforest National Park, UNESCO, K

The Gola Rainforest is the largest remnants of Upper Guinean Tropical Rainforest left in Sierra Leon

Tiwai Island, UNESCO, Sierra Leone

Tiwai is 12 square kilometers in area and located on the River Moa in the Southern Province. It is a

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Sierra

There are over 700 different plant species, 11 species of primates – including Diana monkeys and chi

Sierra Leone | Liberia Border Crossing

The main border crossing between Sierra Leone and Liberia is Bo-Waterside.

Gola West Forest Reserve, Sierra Leone

Gola West Forest Reserve is a forest reserve and is located in Eastern Province, Sierra Leone. The e