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Varela Beach, Guinea-Bissau

Beautiful coastline in the extreme north of the country that is now part of a national park and clos

Varela National Park, Guinea-Bissau

Varela National Park and its unique ecosystem occupies a narrow strip of Atlantic coastline in the n

Praia das Vacas, Guinea-Bissau

Praia das Vacas is a beach in Guinea-Bissau . It is located in the Cacheu region , in the western pa

Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau

Cacheu has sat on the meandering courses of the river of the same name for hundreds of years.

Island of Lisbon, Guinea-Bissau

Lisboa Island is an island in Guinea-Bissau. It is located in the Mansoa River, just east of the con

Osvaldo Vieira International Airport,  B

Osvaldo Vieira International Airport is the only international airport in Guinea-Bissau, located in