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Niumi National Park, Essau, Gambia

Niumi National Park was gazetted in 1986 under section 5.2 of the Wildlife Act. Niumi National Park

Jinack Island, Gambia

At low-tide you can stroll from Barra Point across the nearby stream called the Niji Bolon, and ont

Fort Bullen, UNESCO, Barra, Gambia

Fort Bullenis on the beach, at the estuary of the River Gambia, and the Atlantic Ocean, in the north

Banjul Ferry, Gambia

The Banjul to Barra Ferry Service is one of the Gambia capital's vital economic lifelines and an ess

Albert Market, Banjul, The Gambia

Albert Market is in Banjul on Liberation Avenue and is the capital's main urban market.

National Museum of the Gambia,  Banjul,

The Gambia National Museum opened in 1985, fifteen years after the Friends of the National Museum As