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Korup National Park, UNESCO, Cameroon

Korup National Park, located in Southwest Cameroon, covers 126,900 ha of forest, most of which is ev

Mankon Museum,  Cameroon

The Mankon Museum is an art and cultural museum located in Mankon-Bamenda, Cameroon

Fon’s Palace, Bamenda, Cameroon

This is the most important building in the Bafut Palace. The King or Fon of Bafut lives in this buil

The Chiefdom of Bafut, UNESCO, Cameroon

Chiefdom is a group consisting of a Palace, a sacred forest adjoining the residence of the Chief Sup

Lake Oku, Cameroon

Lake Oku is a crater lake on the Bamenda Plateau in the Northwest Region of Cameroon

Mount Oku, Cameroon

Mount Oku, or Kilum Mountain, is the largest volcano in the Oku Massif, in the Cameroon Volcanic Lin