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Angola | Republic of Democratic Congo Border Crossing - Noqui | Matadi

Fortress of San Pedro de la Barra, UNESC

The Fortress of "S. Pedro da Barra", situated on the ancient "Morro de Kassandama", actually "Ngola

Luanda Harbor, Luanda, Angola

The history of the port of luanda began about 500 years ago, when Paul days Novais chose to disembar

National Bank of Angola, Angola

The National Bank of Angola is the central bank of Angola. It is state-owned and the Government of A

Moeda Museum, Luanda, Angola

The Coin Museum presents the history of money from the Zimbo to the Kwanza .

4th Avenue of Fevereiro, Luanda, Angola

Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport is the main international airport of Angola.

Iron Palace, Kanhangulo, Luanda, Angola

Palácio de Ferro is a historical building in the Angolan capital Luanda, believed to have been desig

Museum of Natural History, Luanda, Angol

The National Museum of Natural History of Angola is located in Largo do Kinaxixe, in the city of Lua