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Korhogo, Ivory Coast

Sited at the foot of the gradually rising mountain sharing its name, Korhogo lies at the heart of Iv

Museum Poni,  Gaoua, Burkina Faso

This tiny museum, designed very well, is called thus in reference in the name of the province crosse

Mount Adaklu, Ghana

Mount Adaklu is a mountain located 12 km from Ho, in the Volta region of Ghana.

Mount Afadjato Tagbo Falls, Ghana

Mount Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana, at an altitude of 885 meters.

Tamberma Villages, Lome, Togo

Visit Tamberma Villages, where you can meet the local people and see the traditional clay houses the

Maasai Mara Wildlife Park, Narok, Kenya

Maasai Mara National Reserve is an area of preserved savannah wilderness in southwestern Kenya, alon

Djerba Beaches, Tunisia

Djerba known as the island of the thousand palm trees’. Djerba is a prime tourist destination for a

The Haouaria Beaches, Tunisia

Here Off the beaten track, this beach remains unspoiled, surrounded by nature and traditional villa