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Getteröbåtarna Bad & Sjöturer, Varb

Experience the magical moment of an early morning when you just got off the Getterö boat. Now you ca

Whangaruru North Head Campsite, Puriri B

Overlooking the mouth of Whangaruru Harbour, with sheltered waters, walking, swimming and boating ac

Marina Saidia, Oriental Region, Morocco

The Marina of Saïdia offers a fairway area of 20.000 m², 100ft travelift, accepting boats with maste

Dolphin Cruise, Muscat, Muscat Governora

Head out to sea in search of playful dolphins on this 2.5-hour cruise from Muscat! Cruise by comfort

Ngor Island, Dakar, Senegal

Ngor Island is located only 6-700 meters from the Cap Vert peninsula in Dakar and as you stand on Ng

Sulima Fishing Village, Sierra Leone

Sulima is a small coastal fishing village lying on the Sierra Leonean side of the border.

Ferry Port Turtle Islands, Sierra Leone

A group of eight islands off the southwest peninsular, the Turtle Islands are idyllic and are in hab

Keta Lagoon Protected Area, Mepe, Ghana

Keta Lagoon Protected Area is an amazingly beautiful natural harbor and park, situated in the south